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Royal Exhuast Plastic Fans (2 Way)

Royal Exhuast Plastic Fans (2 Way)

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Note: Orders after 11 June for all cities and 12 June for Lahore will deliver after Eid!

The  Plastic Exhaust Fans are must-have for any bathroom and kitchen. With high-performance motors, they effectively drive away smoke, dust, odour, and other pollutants.  The stylish and unique grill design is not only are amazing to look at but its aerodynamic design reduces noise significantly. These wonderful fans ensure that your office, kitchen, bath, or store remain fresh and you healthy. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any place.

The two-way function allows you to select the direction of airflow as per any requirements.

Royal Deluxe Series are carefully crafted to comfort you in the hot summer days. The attractive design and energy-saving technology is a relief worth enjoying. Whenever the fan is turned on it casts a spell of peace and convenience.

All Royal Fans are made with Electrical Steel Sheet and winded with 99.99% pure copper wire to ensure the best electrical efficiency and service value. All Royal Fans are made using only the Hi-Grade materials and modern manufacturing and come with industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee.


 Size Sweep Size Rated Power
Speed Air Delivery Service Value (m3/min/W)
8" 200mm
35W 1350RPM

14.5 m3/min

10" 250mm 40W 1350RPM
25 m3/min 
12" 300mm 45W 1335RPM
32 m3/min 

¬†Rated Voltage:¬†230¬Ī10V |¬†Rated Frequency: 50 Hz |¬†Insulation Class: 155

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