DeltaLite LED Bulbs Pack of 50

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Our LED Bulbs consumes up to (80%) less energy than conventional light. This is much better than the standard incandescent bulbs that are just 20% efficient. DeltaLite LED Bulb is a wise choice to save energy and reduce your electricity bills and gives brighter light in less cost for a longer span.

Brighter light

Lumen is the best measurement of the brightness of the light. led bulb to  bright light with 110 Lumens per watt, which is almost eight times brighter than ordinary incandescent light. A traditional light provides only14 lumens per watt which are far less than a good quality LED Lights.

Cost-effective LED Bulbs

LED Bulb is manufactured with a high-quality material chip and driver to last longer than ordinary bulbs. This makes it significant and cost-effective among the lights. There is also a good quality aluminum shell inside to absorb heat and enhance the performance of the LED Lights

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