Deltalite 50W Flood Light

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50watt Led Flood lights are the best to be used outdoor with maximum brightness. It has a metallic body with excellent design and wide light dispersion. Compact waterproof LED flood lights designed to be used outdoors for custom lighting. Suitable for home, hotel, hall, marketplace, garden, landscape. advertisement Billboard, Construction Building. We also have 100watt led flood lights..

  • Applications:

LED flood light is used for both residential and commercial purposes. Our flood light is mostly popular for security, landscape, and sports, and stage lighting for concerts and many other activities.

  • Low power consumption:

It is an energy-saving light because it is specifically designed to save more energy and reduce electricity bills. Despite its high brightness, it consumes lesser energy as compared to conventional flood lamps. 50-watt LED Flood light can replace a 200-watt conventional lamp. So, you save up to 60% energy with Our floodlight.

  • Compact size

Our LED flood light has a small size which emits very bright light. so that we use it easily as an indoor and outdoor light.

  • Easy to install:

It is easy to install because there is no need for any bulky wire connection. Just plugging in the socket and lights works very well and there is no need for any technical skills for installation.

  • Economic

Our LED flood light is highly economic due to its price and energy efficiency.

  • Warranty

It has a long life span of up to 40,000 hours and it has a 1-year replacement warranty.

Available in:

It is available in.

  • 50 watt led flood lights

  • 100 watt led flood lights

Available Colors:

It is available in

  • Daylight

  • Warm White

Flood Light is an outside source of Bright Light which gives out rays at a very wide-range. There are many benefits of LED floodlights. These lights cover more area than conventional floodlights. They are mostly used in playgrounds, stadiums, warehouses, and many other places.The main difference between LED Flood light and other Lights is the other lights are aimed at a particular direction on the surface but Flood light covers a wide range of surface like buildings, warehouses, and playgrounds and it is defined to a proper mounting position.

Benefits of flood Lights:

  • Energy Efficient: Our LED Flood Light is using 85% less energy than conventional lights and it also has a much longer span than other lights. It has a life span of about 40,000 hours.

  • Emit very low heat: Our Floodlight has a good heat sinking ability to absorb heat and save the light from failures.

  • Eyes friendly light: Conventional lights or other LEDs may damage your eyes but Deltalite led lights are eye-friendly and don’t harm your eyes.

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