Emela providing the opportunity to buy your first  E-Bike at an affordable price. These Electric bikes have no petrol engines rather use electric batteries to store power to run. These batteries are easy to charge and need a conventional charging process, which is also easy to do at home with ease.

We provide test ride before buying and also gives home delivery for all categories of our products including E-Bikes.

Our Policy For E-Bikes

According to our policy, we provide maintains services as well if there’s anything that happens to your purchased E-Bike. Our mechanic delivers his services at your doorstep.

We have an e-bike for everything. Whether you need an E-Bike for your kid to ride him to school & college or you want to go to a nearby grocery store for purchasing households. We provide different categories of E-bikes for every need.

Category of E-Bikes

Emela has a special category of E-Bikes which labels as sports E-Bikes. These bikes have specific sports modes & enhance features in them to give a feel of fast speed. These are the best youth-oriented E-Bikes.

E-Bikes are totally tax-free. Just buy, ride & enjoy. As E-Bike use electricity for recharge it costs much lower than the traditional petrol bikes such as in Pakistan you can save up to thousands of rupee’s monthly if you use electric bikes instead of petrol bikes. We have bikes in all shapes and sizes according to requirements. Also have different colors based upon their usage.

Emela also guarantees the ideal type of battery for every electric bike – in terms of range, weight, longevity, and more.

So now Ditch your car first, delete your Uber app, skip the other local transportation because — now is the time to get an electric bike

Enjoy the ride with Emela, get your chance to buy your first dream E-Bike, we will deliver you an affordable E-bike at your doorstep.



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