Why Electric Bikes Are Expensive in Pakistan

Why Electric Bikes Are Expensive in Pakistan?

An e-bike is more expensive to construct than a regular bike because of its battery, motor, electronics, and engineering. The frame's design and additional elements (racks, saddle size, throttle, sensors, lights, high-quality locks) all add up. Electric bikes are expensive in Pakistan because they are not yet widely adopted in the country. The prices of bikes are high because of the inflation in Pakistan and the international crises.

There might be several causes behind Pakistan's high price of electric motorcycles. Several elements listed below may be responsible for their greater price:

Electric motorcycles are often imported from other nations; as a result, the Pakistani government charges substantial import taxes and penalties on these bikes. The bikes become more expensive as a result of these added expenses being passed through to customers

 Limited domestic Manufacturing: Pakistan's domestic production of electric motorcycles is modest, which places greater reliance on imports. Prices may increase as a result of a lack of economies of scale and competition. Electric bikes are powered by batteries, which can account for a considerable amount of the whole cost. Import charges and taxes may apply to imported batteries. Because there is currently no suitable charging infrastructure, the market demand for electric bikes is constrained. When there is no demand, producers may raise their prices to meet their expenses and keep a profit.

Limited Distribution and Availability: In Pakistan, electric motorbikes could not be as extensively distributed or accessible as regular motorcycles fuelled by gasoline. weaker economies of scale might lead to higher pricing as a result of this constrained supply and weaker demand. It's important to keep in mind that as infrastructure and the market for electric vehicles develop, electric motorcycles may eventually become more reasonably priced in Pakistan.

Is it worth getting an electric bike?

Yes, it is worth getting an electric bike. Here are some factors to consider:

Transportation & commuting: If you ride a bike or travel over short to moderate distances frequently, an e-bike could be a practical choice. With the electric help, your trip might be more relaxing and less taxing, especially if you are riding in windy or steep terrain.

Cost savings: Compared to owning a car or taking public transit, e-bikes can help you save money over time. You'll pay less on gas, parking, and transportation costs in general. However, it's crucial to take into account the e-bike's initial cost and continuous maintenance expenses.

Environmental impact: Since e-bikes emit no pollutants while in operation, they are often more ecologically friendly than autos. Your carbon footprint may be decreased and you can help to create a cleaner world by riding an e-bike instead of a car.

Mobility and accessibility: People with restricted mobility or those who find traditional bicycling difficult may find electric bikes to be helpful. You may cover greater distances and get over physical obstacles with electric support.

Local laws: Become familiar with local laws governing e-bikes, such as speed limits, age restrictions, and permitted riding areas. Before making a purchase, be sure to follow all applicable laws.

What is special about electric bikes?

E-bikes differ from conventional bicycles in several distinctive ways.

Electric aid: An e-bike's electric motor, which offers variable degrees of aid when pedaling, is its defining characteristic. Depending on the e-bike model, you can pedal or use a throttle to turn on this motor. Riders can cover greater distances while exerting less energy thanks to electric assistance, which is especially helpful when climbing hills or battling headwinds.

Speed and Range: Because of the help provided by the electric motor, e-bikes can often travel farther and faster than regular bicycles. The motor power, battery capacity, topography, and rider input are only a few of the variables that affect the precise speed and range.

Battery and Charging: The electric motor in e-bikes is powered by rechargeable batteries. The range or distance the e-bike can ride on a single charge is determined by the battery capacity. Depending on the battery capacity and the charger being used, charging timeframes might vary, although they normally fall between a few hours and several hours. Some e-bike batteries can be taken out, making it easy to charge them indoors.


Common modes with varying levels of power output include eco, normal, and high or sport settings. Depending on their tastes, the terrain, or the degree of exercise they want to get in, riders may change the support level.

Regenerative Braking: Regenerative braking, which is a characteristic of some e-bikes, transforms the kinetic energy of stopping into electrical energy that is then stored in the battery. By partially recharging the battery while riding, this function increases the range of the e-bike.

Integrated Features: A lot of e-bikes include built-in features like LED lights, horns or bells, integrated locks, and digital screens. These characteristics improve usage, convenience, and safety.

Why are electric bikes better than normal bikes?

By choosing an e-bike over a car or other motorized vehicle, riders can lessen their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

Practicality and Utility: Electric bikes can offer added utility through features like cargo racks, panniers, or baskets, making them suitable for carrying groceries, essentials for commuting, or other items.

Who is selling the cheapest e-bike in Pakistan?

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