Best LED Flood Lights in Pakistan - 50Watt - 100 Watt

The Best 50-Watt LED Flood Light Online in Pakistan

Introduction to Flood Lights

Flood Lights have been used from so many years. Flood means excess so flood light means excess of light. Flood light gives excess amount of light. Basically, Flood Lights are used in large areas, halls, outdoors or places where there is excess amount of light is required. You may have seen in big halls and stadiums where nights turn into day and due to the lights at the corners. These are actually the flood lights. Flood lights have helped to schedule the day time sports in the night and have made possible big events possible under open sky as there much amount of light is required. 

How are LED Flood Lights Better than Halogen Flood Lights?

LED Flood Lights are not new but these are the next and advanced technology to the halogen lights and have been used for so long replacing the less efficient Halogen lights. The LED Flood lights are getting better and better every day as a result of the advancement and improvement in the technology. The LED Flood lights have become so much popular now a days due to their efficiency and lower power consumption as compared to the halogen lights. Here are some of the features and advantages of LED Flood Light over the Halogen flood lights.

Energy Efficiency
The most important advantage of LED flood lights is their energy efficiency and power saving. Led Flood lights use way less energy and giver brighter light than the halogen lights. This leads to massive saving in the electricity bills.

Longer Life Span
The LED Flood Lights last much longer than the halogen lights. Normally the halogen lights last 10 times less than the LED Flood Lights. This longer life span makes the LED technology superior to the halogen lights. Normally a led flood light has a life span of almost 30000 to 50000 hours.

Better Light Quality
The light quality of Led flood light is also much better than the halogen flood light. Though the LED flood light is intense but a good quality LED flood light doesn’t emit any harmful radiations. Where as halogen lights at high intensity are not safe for eyes. Also, the LED flood lights give a better visibility of the objects as compared to the other flood lights.   

Uses of LED Flood Light

The Led flood lights are not used only for commercial purposes but also serve at domestic places as well. These lights have a wider angle of dispersion with uniform brightness and a longer throw of light rays that can light up a longer and wider area. These are basically used in large halls, Outdoor areas, parking areas and stadiums etc. In industries also these lights serve at several areas where there is a higher amount of light required.

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