Why To Use LED Lights and Get Rid of The Conventional and Halogen Lights

Tech improvement is making the lives of everybody easier, safer, and more efficient with time. Products and things are getting more effective and improved in performance as the technology is improving whether these are smartphones or any other device around. The same is the situation with the lighting industry. The lighting industry also improved with time and the LED lights are the result of it. The enhanced lighting technology lets us have more light with low power consumption. Swapping to LED lights can be very useful.

How LED Lights are Better Than other Lights?

LED lights are better in all aspects than traditional conventional and halogen lights either its energy efficiency, brightness, safety, or reliability. So, there should be a question “How to switch to LED lights?” instead of “Why to switch to LED lights?” As it’s a clear choice and there is no reason to disagree with the fact that LED lights are better than the conventional lights for all types of places either they are commercial, domestic or office, etc.

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To understand how are LED lights better let’s get a bit deeper into both technologies. There are several traditional technologies being used in the industry. These include metal halide, fluorescent, Incandescent, and halogen lights.

Metal Halide Lamps

The metal halide lamps produce lights by passing an electric current through metal halide gas. This is an old technology with a longer warm-up period.

Fluorescent Lighting Technology

These lights have mercury due to which these are dangerous to dispose of. These lights have a longer life span than metal halides. Though this was still much improvement in metal halide technology.

Incandescent Lighting Technology

These are the ones with the shortest life span and the least energy efficiency with a weaker light output.

Halogen Lighting Technology

These belong to the incandescent family and are the enhanced version of these lights. In these lights, the electric current heats a filament to produce light. These lights are mercury-free and contain iodine and bromine gas.

LED Lights are better in all aspects

LED Lights Do Savings

LED lights save a lot in terms of power as well as money. LED lights to give brighter light with less power consumption than any old lighting technology. Thus, swapping from the old lights will ultimately give you brighter light in less power and a huge saving in the electricity bill and the operative cost. Also, there is a massive saving on the maintenance side with the LED lights. These lights have a much longer life span than other lights. These can last from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Hence, you don’t have to replace it after a few months and one light can last for years.

Better Light Quality in LED Lights

Financial paybacks are aside. The LED lights have a better quality of light that also helps in better object visibility and color identification. These lights give almost the same impact as the natural daylight. Similarly, the color and brightness of the light affect the human mind. According to research and studies lights with higher CRI provide an active, happier, and healthy environment. These don’t put stress and are easy on the eyes with no harmful radiation emission.

Some More Advantages

In addition to the environmental and financial benefits of using high-efficiency LED office lighting, there are a few other benefits of making the switch that doesn’t often get a lot of attention:

  • LED lights contain no mercury, dissimilar to compact fluorescent bulbs
  • LED Lights are made of tougher materials and won’t break as easily
  • These lights work well in extreme heat and cold
  • These lights generate less heat, which decreases cooling costs
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