LED Street Lights –

Led street lights in Pakistan are the most common light sources these days. They are more affordable & has less energy consumption than traditional bulbs.

On the basis of different usage, there are several kinds of led lights including:

  • Downlight
  • Ropelight
  • Led flashlight
  • Led street lights
  • Led bulb
  • Rox led
  • Led panel lights

Some other types of light are also available in the market.

Pros and Corns of Led Street Lights

Led street lights are designed in a way to be functional as a light source to lit the street pathways & roads.

These are useful in many ways such as led street lights are less expensive than traditional street lights.

These led street lights consume far low electricity than traditional street lights.

These can be auto turns on & off day & night accordingly.

The very important feature of led street lights is, these lights don’t burn out like traditional lights rather these continue to provide efficient amounts of light.

Mostly led street lights are designed having a lens on its led pannel to cast its light in a rectangular pattern. This is considered an advantage over traditional light sources.

led street light

A simple led focused pannel has a drawback that most of the light is directed towards road & less light spreads on footpaths alongside.

This can be resolved by using a specialized lens design with an adjustable mounting spigot.

The basic preference of led street lights over traditional lights is due to less consumption of energy.

For example, 901 milliwatt output led street light emits the same amount of light as traditional street light does but it consumes only half of the amount of input energy than a traditional light source.

Hence energy efficiency is always the primary appeal for led street lights &, it lowers the burden of cost up to half of the amount.

LED street lights have many other advantages of conventional street lights such as predictable and long term life span.

It is claimed that the projected lifetime of led street lights is 10-15 years which is twice or may be thrice the life span of traditional street lights.

Led street lights also have very less maintains costs which make them even more cheaper.

Having more directional light makes them more useful in lighting the signboards and billboards on the roads.

Led street light sources are helpful for drivers to enable them to recognize objects more clearly while driving.

Led street lights don’t need time to turn on or off like other traditional light sources which heat up at first and then illuminate.

led street light

LED street lights turn on and off instantly with no heat up duration.

If there’s anything happens such as a power failure, LEDs restart immediately with no time.

LED street lights also don’t release poisonous gases if damaged.

There are advantages & disadvantages both for use of LED’s as a street light but advantages are as usual more and it’s usability can’t be denied.

LED street lights capability & enhanced the illuminating performance on road is excellent which makes it bigger over traditional street light sources.

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