Major Challenges off Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online Shopping has become a huge marketplace worldwide. Amazon has declared over 1 billion dollars of turnover per annum. After the Covid19 outbreak, it has multiplied its sales. Research reflects that 60 to 65% of the U.S. consumer market has gone to online shopping.

Online Shopping Has Great Future in Pakistan.

Online shopping refers to the recent trends of being able to buy everything from home either through the website or social media channels or through mobile apps. Pakistan is the 6th biggest populated country in the world.

Online shopping is one of the commonly used mediums for convenient shopping. It is, in fact, a popular means of shopping among the Internet community. No matter clothes, electronics, or pets, online shopping trend is becoming more popular with each passing day. Hundreds of websites and applications are being created and deployed every year to cater to this rising demand for comfortable shopping shopping Online shopping in Pakistan is, increasing slowly and gradually, however, facing different challenges. These challenges includes trust deficit, awareness gap of online market places, lack of user experience, Internet access and robustness issues, product quality and variety problems, absence of proper regulatory resulting in scams, and fraudulent transactions in online marketplaces.

Challenges Everyone Facing in online shopping in Pakistan

Trust has been considered as the most relevant factor affecting the customer’s buying behavior towards online shopping when it comes to the younger generation. A new trend was introduced recently by an online marketplace like with a slogan “First Check Then Pay,” which was hailed by customers, and it is a great success story. Some other online sellers have also started following the same trend. However, the courier companies do not support, check before buy option, which is still challenging for such online sellers.

Customer relationship are the most significant factor in maintaining trust while building e-commerce. As far as the fear of secure transactions is concerned, online companies must ensure that they will never use their customers’ private information for any other purposes. This should be mentioned in the privacy policy. It will help the customer have more confidence in online shopping.

The startups like have worked on all these areas like earning trust by their slogan” First check then pay” and “No Question asked money-back guarantee.” Moreover, they have tried to ensure “Fast Delivery” and Quality of Products. Cash on delivery and after-sale support also helped them to gain customer confidence.

Trends in online shopping in Pakistan are not different than the U.S. online Marketplace. The age groups and selling categories and products are also similar.

Youth is the highest population of Pakistan and similarly the highest online shoppers as well. Pakistani online marketplace has several categories and products being sold online that includes but not limited to;

Some Important Categories are Given Below


Women’s Fashion

Kitchen Improvement

Household Items

Health & Beauty

Mobile Accessories


Things to be Kept in Mind While Selling Online

When we sum up the online shopping experience, challenges, and its future in Pakistan, the most relevant factors that seem to be affecting consumer buying-behavior towards online shopping in Pakistan, when it comes to the younger generation seemed to be the trust factor. If they trust the website, they are prone to buy more from that website. Contrary to popular belief, however, the sense of privacy did not seem to affect consumer behavior. The online shoppers did not seem very worried about giving their data online, such as addresses provided that they could buy using the Cash on Delivery method,. Still, the major worry is the trust of seller and quality of products.

List of Some Hot Selling Products online in Pakistan

  1. Mobile Covers
  2. Automatic Water Dispenser
  3. Animal Paradise Kids Bowl Set
  4. Bulb Humidifier Stunning Technology
  5. Manta Gaming Mouse
  6. Need Casual Shirt Small
  7. Nike Zoom Air Max Shoes
  8. Nicer Dicer Vegetable Fruits Cutter Chopper Slicer
  9. Penerai Black Watch
  10. Stainless Steel Luxe Ornament Spoon Set
  11. Fans
  12. Mi Band 3 Original
  13. Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Original 500ML
  14. Multifunction Face Massager
  15. Ear Pods
  16. Velvet Travel Neck Pillow
  17. Mens Blue Denim Jeans
  18. Chanel 3 Pcs Imported HandBag
  19. Midnight Muse 5A Embroidered Luxury Lawn
  20. Chanel Heels

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