Best Online Shopping Store in Pakistan With First Check Then Pay Service

There are different parameters for everyone to judge everything. The same is with the online market. Everyone has a different opinion about different online shopping stores in Pakistan. There are many things that sum up to make an online shopping store best of all. But some points are that powerful that they take the game.

Scams of Online Shopping Stores in Pakistan

Every Online Shopping store has a unique selling point. Also, there are some online shopping sites in Pakistan that are having specific niches of products so they are best in that niche. But there are some generic online stores that are selling a wide range of product categories in Pakistan. In that case, it all depends upon the product quality and service to rank which one is best among all. Some stores provide great service but no after-sale service. Also, there are lots of scams in the Pakistani Online market that have made Pakistanis lose trust in Online shopping in Pakistan. People think a lot before buying online and are always afraid that they don’t get scammed.

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Though some of the big online shopping stores in Pakistan are doing great at some point, people still fear to order online as vendors on those sites scam a lot. Also, the lack of awareness about the return policies and effort to return the product also adds up to these trust issues. The pandemic situation has suddenly raised the number of people shopping online drastically in the last few months. As people had no other way due to complete lockdown countrywide. So, they had to go for the online shopping option.

Best Online Shopping Store in Pakistan

Heading towards the best online shopping store in Pakistan. eMela is one of the best online shopping stores in Pakistan. Though it’s new it offers the first check then pay option and a 100% money-back guarantee. This is the best thing that ever happened to the online market of Pakistan where people were afraid of scammers. In such a market coming up with such an option is awesome and a great way to win people’s trust. All the other reasons and services aside. But this one wins overall.

People can simply order and can open the parcel before paying. If they don’t like it, they can simply return it and there are o charges for that. It like you are shopping physically in a market you check the product and if it is up to the mark according to your expectations in quality then you take it else you may return. This is a very feasible option to let people trust online shopping and the market in Pakistan.

Official Online Seller of E-Bikes Pakistan

One more good news for the Pakistanis is that Electric vehicles are now available in Pakistan and the best over this is there is no tax or registration required for that. This is a great step by E-Bikes Pakistan to make the electronic vehicles available in Pakistan and let Pakistan have an eco-friendly ride. No more petrol consumptions just charge and go.

Online Shopping Stores in PakistaneMela has officially collaborated with E-Bikes Pakistan as their official online seller all over Pakistan. This is the first step for green Pakistan with this eco-friendly technology. The whole world is shifting towards electronic vehicle technology as the fuel resources are running out with time and huge consumption all over the world.

Overview of Electric Vehicles

Let us give you an overview of electric vehicles. Electric Vehicle technology was first introduced by tesla and later on, all the other companies have started adopting this technology and contributing to a better and pollution-free environment.

e bikes

Also, it is a great facility for women in a country like Pakistan where it’s hard and unsafe for females to travel over public transport. The electric scooters by E-bikes are perfect for females either students, employed, or housewives. They don’t have to wait and rely on anyone or public transport. They can go anywhere on their own. Driving isn’t hard at all as these bikes are very light in weight and easy to handle. Also, there are 3-wheel models for those who don’t know to drive a bike.

The best thing about these is that females don’t have to go to the fuel stations and wait in the long lines for fuel. They just simply charge at home and go ride on the road without any hustle of maintenance etc. The tubeless tires with alloy rims add up more beauty and safety in the vehicle with disc brakes. The tubeless tire makes these easy to repair in minutes in case of any puncture.

Multiple Colors For Females

One best thing about E-bikes for females is that there are different colors available for females like pink, sky-blue. As females are very choosy and love to have bright colors so we have taken this fact into account and have made our models available in multiple colors for females.

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Also, there is a safety feature against theft in these bikes that get locked with a remote key and starts alarming if anyone touches these bikes.

So, what are you waiting for? Lets us take your online shopping experience to a next level. Book your favorite electric vehicle now and get ready for an eco-friendly and safe ride in the city. Let’s join hands together for a brighter, better, and pollution-free Pakistan by saving energy, fuel and emitting less into the environment. Get rid of your noisy fuel vehicles and be a part of the EV community.



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