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Best Online Kitchen Accessories List

We have tones of kitchen related products available which could be very helpful for you. Our main goal is to offer our customer the best quality products  We all know that cookwares are the most important part of the kitchen. But it is very difficult to choose a  product nowadays cause there are a lot of fake products available in the online market. However, the importance of bakeware cannot be neglected cause in every house there is always a person who loves baking. We are working to provide you the best quality products online in Pakistan at best and reasonable prices with a 100% money-back guarantee. Here is the list of few products…

Ice Snow Maker and Crusher:

Ice Snow Maker and Crusher is made of plastic. Has a rubber handle. This set includes 3 bowls, 6 reusable sticks and 1 glass. It is used to make goals and slush and other cold desserts. Easily washable. Approx 750gms is thus handy and space-saving. It is light in weight. So go and grab it at an exclusively at an attractive price.

portable juicer blender

Oil Vinegar Glass Cruet Condiment Bottle:

Oil Vinegar Glass Cruet Condiment Bottle made of glass with a no-drip pourer on top to avoid spilling your liquid. This glass oil cruet provides you with a great way of storing multiple liquids in a convenient way. Available at a lower price from other sellers. A must-have kitchen product.

Digital Food Thermometer

Multi-Blade Herb Scissor:

Multi-Blade Herb Scissor his cutter is the perfect tool for snipping and mincing herbs, scallions and other delicate food. It consists of 5 blades. Made of plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t rust.  Safe to use cover case protect blades when stores. One of the most fun kitchen gadget. A  perfect gift for herbs lovers.

Deep Fryer Basket s/s Imported

3 Pieces Kitchen Tools:

3 pieces of kitchen tools made of stainless steel with imported wooden handles main purpose is to mix food while cooking. Its wooden handle keeps your hands safe from excess heat originate during cooking,.

Burger Press
snow making machine

Portable Rechargeable Juicer:

Portable Rechargeable Juicer can be used as a common cup and juicer blender. Can mix fruits and veggies together, healthy and environmentally friendly. The device can be conveniently divided into 3 parts for easy cleaning. Portable and great for shopping, travelling and for outside sports. USB charging not only limited to socket charging. It can also be charged through a laptop, power bank and cell phones. Currently available go and grab one for yourself.

Oil Vinegar Glass Cruet Condiment Bottle

Digital Food Thermometer:

Digital Food Thermometer instantly reading Food Thermometer with backlight feature 3.9 get a temperature reading within 3-5 seconds with a high precision sensor. It has a long probe which keeps you safe from burning your hands while measuring. Perfect for indoor, outdoor cooking, grilling, BBQ and so on.. provide you digital  LED display which helps you to note temperature accurately.

Multi Blade Herb Scissors

Deep Fryer Basket:

Deep Fryer Basket a frying basket is a useful tool for safely and easily frying all your favourite foods. These units hold your food while in the hot oil, making it easier to lift out.  Made of stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t  They also make your fried food healthier and prevent them from soggy by allowing excess grease to drip off before serving.

3 Pieces Kitchen Tools With Wood Handles Imported

Burger Press:

Burger Press a kitchen utensil designed to create meat patties that are consistent in shape, size and weight. Also great for making stuffed burgers, crab cakes & sausage patties. It has a non-stick coating and easy to clean. Consists of a round container with a circular cover or “press” that forced downward against the ground meat to form it into a patty.

24 Pcs star Swirl Icing Piping Nozzles with a bag:

24 Pcs star Swirl Icing Piping Nozzles with a bag made of stainless steel easy to use and clean. 24 different nozzles have different patterns. Fit for professional or home use. Ideal for decorating cakes and pastries.24 Pcs Stainless Star Swirl Icing Piping Nozzles with Piping bag

Spring Pizza Pan Set

3 Pieces Pizza Pan nonstick pizza pans. Ideal for baking Pizza and also can be used to make pancakes. It contains three pans of different sizes from small, medium to large. These pans are made of non-stick steel and safe to use.

Spring Pizza Pan Set 🔍

3 Pieces Non-Stick Cake Pan Set

3 Non-Stick Cake Pans made of non-stick material for easy release and cleans up. They have spring latch and removable bottom which makes baking easier. As we always aim to provide you with the best quality products. These non-stick cake pans are ideal for making cakes for small to a large gathering. So what are you waiting for go and grab one?

3 Pieces Non Stick Cake Pan Set

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