13 Facts You Must Know About E-Bikes 2020

  1. In today’s world, there are two types of people many, those who think that E-Bikes are becoming more of a facility in their lives while others think that E-Bikes are a threat to their businesses and sources of earning.
  2. Yes, the second type with a negative point of view about E-Bikes is because they think if people become used to of these then they will not be able to sell traditional bikes ( bikes with petrol engines). Most people are in favor of these and take this as an opportunity.e bikes
  3. This is an electric revolution in the industry because E-Bikes have no petrol engines in them and instead use electric batteries to store power to run. These batteries are easy to charge and need a conventional charging process, which is also easy to do at home with ease. This is a huge revolution in the motorcycle industry.
  4. These battery-powered bikes can cover up to 40-70 km in one charge with over 80km/h which is definitely a plus to those who want to use this bike for shorter distance travel.
  5. Like other bikes, some E-Bikes also has a throttle that engages the motor with the press of a button. This helps to ease the process of starting E-Bikes by just press of a button. It also helps in saving the physical time & energy of the rider.
  6. There’s an e-bike for everything. Whether you need an E-Bike for your kid to ride him to school & college or you want to go to a nearby grocery store for purchasing households. E-Bikes provide different categories of bikes for every need.
  7. There is also a category of E-Bikes which labels as sports E-Bikes. These bikes have specific sports modes & enhance features in them to give a feel of fast speed. Mostly these bikes are used by youngsters. Even there is the E-Bikes category for moving cargo loads, from one place to another. So that you cannot deny it’s importance in this era of time.
  8. No doubt E-Bikes are the Future of transportation as people are becoming more of having an electric bike to keep their atmosphere and society pollution free and save extra expenses. e-bikesAs E-Bike use electricity for recharge it costs much lower than the traditional petrol bikes such as in Pakistan you can save up to thousands of rupee’s monthly if you use electric bikes instead of petrol bikes. These bikes are in all shapes and sizes according to requirements. Also have different colors based upon their usage.
  9. China and European countries already using this Popular E-Bike but it’s a new trend for people in Pakistan because they are not yet used to it. Soon it will become popular in Pakistan as well when people started to know its importance and usage.
  10. Earlier there were thoughts that E-Bikes are only used by senior citizens who don’t have much need to travel like people of 65+ age but now this thinking is gradually dying with the passage of time.
  11. Overall, experts predict that worldwide sales of E-Bikes will hit $23.8 billion by 2025. E-bikes represent a very small portion of the overall bike market, but bike riders are slowly starting to come around.
  12. Lithium-ion batteries are the best battery type to be used for E-Bikes, though this kind is costly but is highly recommended that you purchase a Lithium-ion battery for your electric bike. They are the ideal type of battery for every electric bike – in terms of range, weight, longevity, and more.
  13. E-Bikes will change transportation in the future because for those who need to travel a shorter distance, this type of bike is highly suitable. They don’t need to wait for traditional or local transport with other passengers. All they need is having an E-Bike to move around anywhere at any time.

There are several mods to buy the Best E-Bikes in Pakistan such as you can book your E-Bike on which also offers a test ride for the bikes and provides delivery at your doorstep.

So now Ditch your car first, delete your Uber app, skip the other local transportation because — now is the time to get an electric bike

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